In Dog Years

by Old Major

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released August 4, 2013

Produced By Old Major

Mike Kennedy - Bass, Vocals, Melodica
Mark Zerenyi - Guitar, Vocals, Kazoo
Joey Pavone - Drums, Synth



all rights reserved


Old Major Toronto, Ontario

Different Folks for Different Strokes

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Track Name: Heels And Hooves
I could use some water said Love is sin
As a bead of sweat rolls under the chin
Game of who-am-I you'll never survive
When It's played with a loaded gun
And a loaded di

Have you got a minute said Love is in
Don't mean to be a pain but where've you been
My door is a jar and it opens wide
When I don't really get along
With the world outside

I got nothing to do said Lovisin
Massage into palms then into the skin
If you need motivation
Think of the nurse's rack
Now lay back
Rub it in
Track Name: Snake Charmer
Somebody get the man a drink
He's suffering
Just take the whole fucking sharade
And pack it all
Into the back of a moving van
Across the seven seas
Wide awake from all the pain
All that rest and no release

You'll never make it on your own
She cried aloud
I'd like to see you even try
Your pride is not proud
To the point where get stoned
From hearing your own name
Walk away without a care
Step into a pile of shame

Slither in
Under my

I am

List of a thousand pages plus
We'll garnish all our drinks
With all their wages
In the end they'll say
Oh well that's just the way it goes

You remind me of a better time
When we did not owe the night
No we did not owe the night
Track Name: Lint Giver
Make good insulation
When you lay it right
If you need mortar
Nimbus comes in
Infinite supply

Oh my my
There you go
Laying foundations
Way up high
Oh my my

Copulating with
An unprotected mind
Ricky-tick tricky-dick
Don't even want it fixed
Oh my my

Fell right over the edge
Far and away
From everything we know
A decent rate of descent
Keeps you holding on
To letting go
Now we're looking for a kingdom
With the sun in our eyes
Have we underestimated the height?
Clever yet
Not too bright

The waves keep crashing
Over and over
Breaking on a wall of stone
It's a hand that i keep slight
I just don't think i can live alone
But you might
Oh my my
Track Name: Epsom Salts
I told you a thousand times
This is not a deal
It ain't about money
Hell there's no reason
As if the vacant whisper
Of fallen snow
Were not enough

I saw something in the woods
Like you'd even believe it
Breathing down the back of my neck
I turned around
There was nothing at all

When the fleeting moments gather
Into a whole other life
Follow form
And nothing's left to figure out
As you draw your final breath
Know this isn't over yet
Follow doubt
Track Name: In Dog Years
You don't seem to roll
Like any animal
I've ever seen
But you know what
I've been wrong before

You don't give up sex
Don't even really get sick
Of a lover's grip
It's so illogical

Oh so senti-mental
It's a wonder how
You even get by
Without making a sound

Keep it to yourself
Here we go again
Like a schoolgirl
Telling all your friends

Who is the one that hurts you?
Who is the one that needs you?

In another light
I see the confusion take hold
In a passing moment
Like a funny joke
That you're not really telling right

You can try it again
But make it snappy
We ain't got all night

We can take it back
Or take it in
But don't feel like
You need to apologize
I'll look away
Making sure that
The coast is clear
They can beg for you
I've been begging
For everyone here
Track Name: Rhino
Cold as the grease
on the chain
Niether in front
Or behind

Fine flip the bird
Just for fun
Now's not the time
To combust

Burn green light
Run red light
Way of right
Meet x/y

They don't realize
Track Name: Lightning Flowers
Mighty oak
If it makes you feel better
I had no idea
You were gone

Ran back
To a place
That is not a house
And not a home
No home no law

I am ready
To be gilded
To behold

Every sunrise
Burn away and
We pale to gold
Pure gold halo

Now that you're going
Through the same everything
Track Name: Red No.2
We cannot stop you
We know we know
We cannot make you
We know we know

All we know
Is wrong

Save the animals?
Eat the animals!

We do not own you
We know we know
We do not owe you
We know we know
Track Name: Here, At The End Of All Things
I read the gauge
It goes up to a hundred-and-one
But today
I'm staring at a thirty two
Does it mean something's wrong?
Should i call the maintenance crew
Or wait it out?
And try to put it back together
Since we're already here
At the end of all things

A light went out
(and another went on)
But the manual said it's alright
(just not for long)
But for now
(now's a little late to be said)
It's important not to lose your head
Keep your cool
Hold the line
(Better take a deep breath)
We're putting you through
To our top professionals
So we can put it back, together
Since we're already here
At the end of all