by Old Major

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released August 4, 2017

Written/Produced by Old Major



all rights reserved


Old Major Toronto, Ontario

Different Folks for Different Strokes

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Track Name: Grave

Hold on put that down it's not a toy
Just please behave
Wait no come back you can't go in there
Are you insane

One of these days I hope
You listen to me

Startup version Seventeen point one
So sad I know
Blame yourself because you got too brave
Your ancestors have no patience left
To go rolling in their grave

Once more walk through the fire
And this time get it right
Track Name: Sun Cycle
Sun Cycle

We're down to cups
While they got tankers in the bay
Not for the war but for the win
All waves and smiles and denials on parade
Cracking the whip til it breaks the skin
Still we don't obey

Are you blind from the bright lights
The busty girls out on fight night
How do they seem to exist at all
Watching as all that we know passes
Sweet and slow like molasses
Sweet and slow
Track Name: Inheritance

You made your point
And now I'm making mine
But don't
Think you're off the hook
Cause you did your time
Gave up
On giving out
Why even bother now
It ain't
Your problem anymore
We'll deal somehow
When you're gone

So fine
We'll keep on pushing everything
Right to the end of the line
Like echoes every generation
Degenerates in kind

I don't cling to the past
Cause it fades like a warm sundown
And leaves us sleepless at night
While you bid us adieu
Track Name: Tough Luck
Tough Luck

What the hell
It don't make sense
To own a place
With just a fence

Like the world
Could not just stop
To shake us off
And move along

Who are
They to
Tell us
What we can do with
Our lives
Staring as they

Smash us right
Into the fray
Complacent to
A stubborn hate

Hold a gun
Or hold the wall
All for for one
And none for all

Who are
They to
Tell us
What we can do throughout
Our lives
Staring as they
Kill us
Just for
Alive and say
Oh well
That's life
Tough luck
Track Name: Quoting The Dead
Quoting The Dead

Had me a crazy thought
Bout how the world should be
Too bad that I forgot
When you distracted me

So why'd I dig this hole
And what's with all these seeds
Oh well the well is dry
Too bad they won't grow up
To become trees

What's this talk of love
What's this speak of soul
That's not how I rock
That's not how I roll

Sometimes I get so numb
These days I hear that's cool
Sounds like a you problem
Only the young get to
Make up them rules
Track Name: Constellation Prize
Constellation Prize

There was a time we did not know
But that's a hard pill to swallow
Packed everything ready to say

Set down a key and leave a note
Make an escape in a lifeboat
Build little towns on the moon
Wait and float

Yeah you could call it a lifestyle
We could be gone for a good while
Making the most of self imposed
Track Name: Too Many Chiefs
Too Many Chiefs

I confess
It's a guess
The address
Of a kingdom in the sky

What a mess
That we bless
More or less
Less is more when it comes
To why

We sit
And we kneel
And we all sing along
We want to believe
Cause we need to belong
But there's too many chiefs

Follow me
Cause you're free to be free
Though you still call out
My name

Attitude is renewed
When you're screwed
But the outcome is the same

And when the rain calms
You'll act as though you never meant to go outside

I conceive
I concede
I can see in the next life
You'll wonder how the hell

We sit
And we kneel
And we all sing along
We want to believe
Cause we need to be strong
But there's too many chiefs
Track Name: Last Lesson
Last Lesson

Forget your subroutines
There really isn't time
Just make sure that when we bail
You can hold the line
Now take the wheel
And learn to drive

Hallelujah the swan takes a dive
Your last lesson has finally arrived
Now take my hand and walk me to the light
It's all yours now my child

Funny how following a vision
Makes you blind
Someone to take it all wrong
And make it alright
Just don't repeat
And you'll be fine

I know you'll make us proud and
Learn from our mistakes
With a new slate
The code is written clean and clear
All flesh begone
Zeroes and ones
Track Name: Good For You
Good For You

So you live your life
As if a crown were weighing you down
Since the day you arrived
Well good for you

Putting all of that time into looking like
The belle of the ball
But without doing any work at all
Your skin's turning blue
Oh well it's good for you

Just don't deny that
We're the same and equal
Right down to the last molecule
Cause you'll sound like a fool
If you even know
What's good for you

All to be felt and to really feel
we're not alone
Might be good for you
Track Name: Killer-Killer

You're pretty strong
For a man
That couldn't read
between the lines
So much for a little home
In the pines

Tender and sweet
Fall off the bone
Tangled in wives
Nowhere to go
When in doubt just throw a dart
At a map

Easy to say we're not to blame
So hard to see ego denied

To end less than we begin
Know harm know foul
Track Name: Where To Go
Where To Go

Do we go from here
Someone please tell me
Where to go from here

I can only see
Whats in front of me
I can only see

La la la la la la la la la la la la

Do we go from here
Someone please tell me
Where to go from here
I can only see
Whats in front on me
I can only see

Please grab me by the hand
Pull me through the noise
And walking hand in hand
Leading through it all
Staring at the same horizon rising
Drawn from the same horizon fading
If we just break away in between
We may find the unknown hold on tight
Here we

Go go go go go go go go go go go go
go go go go go go go go go go go go
go go go go go go go go go go go go
go go go go go go go