Old Major

by Old Major

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Flex Where do i start? I discovered Old Major on jango.com about a week ago and since then i've not been able to rid my mind of their earworms! Seriously diggin' this unique sound. A great guitar forward vibe, and its amazing how every instrument pops through on the mix. The production is stellar, albeit over punchy at times on the compression but, its a real tight sound man. The drums are interesting, especially the snare. Quite 70's pop but the rest of the kit is super phatt. Super hooked riffage! Favorite track: Wagoneers.
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released August 4, 2011



all rights reserved


Old Major Toronto, Ontario

Different Folks for Different Strokes

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Track Name: Spel Chek
It took a team of every brilliant mind
A hundred years of thinking to understand
What fits so neatly in the palm of your hand
I bet you think because you have one
You were in on the plan

But do you own it if you don't even know it
And does it matter if you don't even care
All these accessories are things we rely on
We could look harder
But we just sit and stare

I don't care how it works
Only that it works
I know the value of a dollar sign
I don't care how it works
Only that it works
And that I have to work
To make it mine all mine

You're just a tool
That I take for granted
Are you the user
Or are you the used
Track Name: Wagoneers
They're kicking at the gates
Screaming and punching air
I don't know what they want
And I don't know why
They even care

Rebuild the barricades
Hide all the nicotine
Break out the dynamite
And blow them all
To smithereens

Nice shoes
Cool hair
Who's on
Who cares

They ruin every scene
By shooting from the hip
They smother every seed
In all the latest shit
They wear the brightest wool
So that they can be scene
They wear the loudest stare
So that they can be herd
Track Name: Elbows Out
We get the message
And we see the point
But you still hold a parade
Just like a word
That changes meaning on a dime
It all depends on who's sayin

Trust us to do everything

You got so good at
Just ignoring me
You make it harder to breed
Become a millionaire
Before you're thirty-three
Well I don't think
That you'll make it

Dependance becomes you
Wear it like a cheap suit
Cocaine in the bathroom

Tired of your problems
How you gonna solve them
Have another red bull
Track Name: Oh Lord, Save All The Pretty Ones
Where did you go
With the lighter and the smokes
To the back of the room
With the new friends you made
Cracking a smile
Like a little lamb with fangs
And i watch you take a drag
Then you cough up a lung

Oh Lord, Save All The Pretty Ones
From The Ugly World

Hey baby doll
Can i buy you a drink
Can i take you out sometime
Wait let me get the door
I hate to see you go
But i love to watch you leave

You want her for the same reason
She don't want you but
If it's all the same
Then nothing has to change

Oh Lord, Save All The Pretty Ones

Tell me what to wear
Tell me who I like
Now tell me why I care
Now tell me who I am
That's what I am
Track Name: 1989
Your old G.I.Joes
Are still under the stairs
They're all broke and used
But then again so are you

You could sell them
To friends of mine
You haven't even
Played with them
Since 1989

The front line's in the yard
There's a fortress made of cans
And the garden 'round the back
Has been declared a no-man's-land

You could say
All the casualties
Are casual
Like trips to the mall

Oh shit
I broke his thumb
Now he can't
Shoot a gun at all

You are who you are
Now be all that you can be
In a war without an end
Track Name: Natural Hi
You say you're looking
For a natural hi
Call it a living but
You only get by
Put up a struggle
Like i'm caught in a net
You're only looking
For a way to get


If you don't like it then
Go live in the woods
As you can see we own
The whole neighbourhood
To win the race you
Gotta run in a wheel
you're only looking For a way to feel

Track Name: Emperor
Here I stand
Stained in red
Taller than
Any man
We were same
But no more

I'm your Emperor
King of hurts

Bring your best
Break Their backs
Share the rest
Wealth of lack

Heaven's not a place
It's an idea
You don't have to pray
To fake it real
I will be the sun
That shines for all time

Now make way
For the emperor
Track Name: Don't Answer
Wake up
What's that
Cue the real

And recall
Snoring through
Sonar pings
All day long

Don't answer the phone
Just pretend
There ain't nobody home

No release
They know
I'm in here
Leaving bait
Biding time
Lie in wait
Track Name: You Let Us
Somewhere in the space
Between asleep and dreamin'
You hear a voice flutter in your ear
I call you out just like I summon a demon
And push you into a pool of fear

You wanted to help
But you only let us down
You take away our today
Without giving back a tomorrow
And I say oh
You only let us down
You only let us down

A snowflake falls on the tip of the tongue
Fell outta heaven and boiled alive
I call it a gift and you call it pollution
In miniature doses that we can survive
Track Name: Fanning Flames
I can't read in between
The lines of a color screen
And I won't buy any lie
Unless it's been sold to me
But I can push a button
And make it go away
Feel the guilt another day

It's like you didn't even know
You were fanning at the flames

I don't know you but
I know what you've been doing to me
You say you're sorry
But I don't hear an apology
But I can push a button
And make you feel my pain
Make you think we're all insane

You're reloading shelves
And we're restocking shells
And in case you couldn't tell